The Secret to Building Wealth in the Military (eBook)

The Secret to Building Wealth in the Military (eBook)


This is a MUST have book if you’re going to be joining the military.

This is something that I care a lot about. I have spent my entire life trying to be different than others and to get ahead of the curve in life. I've done a lot of things wrong and I've done a few things right. In this eBook I talk about my advice for building wealth while you serve in the military. If I could go back, I would do several things differently. With this eBook I hope that you can have even more success than me financially in the years to come. If you're reading this and end up purchasing the book I would greatly appreciate it if you posted the photo of the book cover on one of your social media platforms and tagged me! Thank you for all of your continued support throughout my life journey. I hope I can add amazing value to your life journey with this eBook!

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Not being smart with your money while serving is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while serving.

My 5th topic of advice in this video is about investing in your TSP. In my eBook I explain how to invest in the TSP to make sure that you are setting your family up for success in the future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get this eBook before you join so you can be fully aware and capable to maximize your time in the Air Force.

5 Mistakes People Make When Joining The Military. I broke down 5 major mistakes I see people do when the first join whether that be right before leaving for BMT or in their first year in the military.