Military Fitness Workout Program (8 week course)

Military Fitness Workout Program (8 week course)


A large part of overall health and well-being is physical fitness. Challenging your mind and body to become better every single day is one of the greatest challenges in the world, with some of the highest returns when successful. This 8-week program is designed for ANYONE who is wanting to get in better shape and commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle, while becoming an overall better athlete. 

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If you are serious about improving your overall health and physical fitness, this is the plan for you. This plan provides you with the structure needed to help you stay disciplined in your workout routine, but also allows flexibility in what movements you do each week, making it a bit more fun. This plan is NOTHING like my BMT Fitness Plan that helps you better prepare for Air Force Basic Military Training, so get ready for great results for those willing to make a change to their fitness routines.

The workout will contain both in-gym movements or an option for home-gym or weight-less exercises. The program features different workouts for each day of the week including that are designed to challenge you mentally and physically. Each day will focus on a specific muscle group and provide numerous exercises that you can choose from. In addition to the in-gym or at-home exercises, there is a structured cardio plan that will run concurrently with the workout regimen. 

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