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Consulting can be done over the phone by using the app called Callmart. You can download it here if you do not have it. (IOS or Android)

Callmart is an app that allows for consulting calls and charges per minute.

Once you download the app you’ll have to create and account and then skip the create listing portion. You’ll click on the “payment method” option and enter in your credit or debit card information. Once you have done this you’re ready to make a call!

My Listing:

If I’m available, call me right now: https://pro.callmart.app/CMDR89705986

If I’m not available check back another time or shoot me a message on Instagram and we can set a time that I’ll be able to jump on and talk. Or you can stay tuned to my Instagram Stories or Twitter Posts to see if I ever post and say I’m available at the moment. It comes as first come first serve so if I’m on the phone with another client I won’t be able to take your call until that call is finished.

My rate currently is 50¢ per mintue

This results in the following prices for a phone call:

10 minutes = $5

20 minutes = $10

30 minutes = $15

1 hour = $30