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The Air Force PT Test

The Air Force PT Test is one of the most concerning things to people joining the Air Force. No worries though! The Air Force PT Test isn’t as crazy as you would think. A lot of people expect the military to be extremely hardcore physically but the Air Force doesn’t have insane standards. This page is going to be dedicated to helping you understand the Air Force PT Test.

What does the Air Force PT Test consist of?

The Air Force PT Test is pretty simple. It’s broken down into 4 categories that are all added together to give you your overall score. If you fail ANY portion of the fitness test then you fail the entire test. Also if your over all score doesn’t reach a certain amount you’ll fail as well. Now don’t worry! It’s not as hard or scary as it sounds so don’t freak out just yet! I’ll break down the 4 categories and what you can do to excel at them to crush your Air Force PT Test! On this page as you scroll down I’ll have a download for the standards along with training guides to help you excel at the fitness standards for the Air Force!

The 4 categories.

Waist Circumference: You will have your waist measured 3 times. They will take the average of the 3 measurements for accuracy.

Push Ups: These are regular push ups. Fully extended in the up position and going down until your elbows are 90 degrees

Sit Ups: The Air Force Sit Ups are more like a sit up/crunch. You start in regular sit up position, your hands have to be touching your shoulders/chest at all times but when you go up to do a sit up, your elbows only have to touch your mid thigh or higher.

1.5 Mile Run: This is the most dreaded thing for most people. It’s really not that tough, if you train for it. Depending on the time of year, your base, and the weather that day running can be done on an out door 1/4 mile track, a 1 mile track, a 1.5 mile track, or an indoor track. This all depends on what your base has to offer. Not all bases have options. For instance, at Kadena AFB in Okinawa Japan they only have an out door 1/4 mile track. At Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV they have an outdoor 1 mile track, an outdoor 1/4 mile track, and an indoor 1/8 mile track. Each base is different so keep an open mind.

The Air Force PT Test Standards

If you are interested in the Air Force PT Test standards You can download the PDF file below that breaks down how each category is scored and how the total score is calculated. The PT Test is also different for Male and Female and for different age groups. The Following download includes all of the different groups.

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How to train for the Air Force PT Test

Now that you have an idea of what the Air Force consists of and the PT standards, lets talk about how to do well at the PT Test. It’s no special secret, the key to doing well is to PRACTICE! If you don’t train and practice for your PT test, odds are, you’re not going to do so well or possibly fail. Lets get into how to prepare for each aspect!

Waist Circumference: This portion doesn’t take much training I would call it more maintaining. It’s pretty self explanatory and it comes down to discipline. If you want to keep your waist smaller you can’t constantly eat junk food, drink soda and beer, and never workout. Now can you do all of those, yes (as long as you’re 21 for the drinking part) but if you do those things too much you’ll start to lose your slim waist line in the process. There isn’t really a “training plan” for this category it relies mostly on self control and discipline.

Sit Ups: Since the sit ups are a combination of crunches and sit ups you can practice either crunches or sit ups to build yourself up to a good score. I have a FREE eGuide for how to train and excel at Sit Ups that you can download here 

Running 1.5 Miles: Running is one of the most dreaded things for the PT Test. I’ve been able to run below 10 minute mile and half 5 of my 6 PT tests in the Air Force. I’ve designed a FREE eGuide that shares with you the tips that can help you improve at running.

Push Ups: Sit ups for the Air Force PT Test are the standard push ups that everyone knows. It can be one of the hardest things for people to get good at. No worries though, I have a FREE eGuide that you can download which walks you through ways to improve your push ups.