Building Wealth in the Military

The Secret to Building Wealth in the Military

This is a subject I take very seriously. Building your wealth is something you should do regardless if you’re joining the military or not. By thinking about this when you’re young and setting yourself up you can guarantee that your family will be taken care of financially. This is HUGE because one of the biggest factors to family issues and relationships is finances. Not setting your family or yourself up financially for the future can suck. My family actually went bankrupt when I was 16. I was working 40+ hours a week in high school since 16 just to help pay bills. It wasn’t the typical high school experience most people have. But it’s instilled in me to take finances serious so I never have to put my family through the same thing. I hope that this blog post can help you realize you need to take your future finances serious too if you want to ensure your family’s well being.

When you first join the military you really have no idea what it’s actually going to be like. It’s something you have to experience first hand. Thankfully with the internet you can get a rough idea of what things will be like before joining. That’s why I wrote my book, “The Secret to Building Wealth in the Military” There are several things I’ve learned over the last 6 years serving in the Air Force that I wish I would have known before I joined. I actually joined the Air Force with a negative $14,000 net worth. YIKES! Basically if I were to have sold everything in my name and the clothes on my back. I would have still owed the banks $14,000… Now I’m about to get out of the Air Force in 11 days and I have a net worth of nearly $100,000! And that’s with making several mistakes and not setting up my wealth as best I could. That’s why I wrote this book! I want you all to have better success than me! I want you all to come into the military and whether you do 4 years or 40, I want you all to be financially stable in the future. It’s honestly my biggest goal in life is to try to help as many people as possible be financially stable. I’ve seen how it can hurt families and relationships and I wish that upon no one.

If you’re already convinced to buy the book you can pick it up here. Since you decided to purchase the eBook from this blog post I’ll even throw in a 25% discount. Use this code MILITARYWEALTH at checkout to save 25% off on the book only. I really want you all to be as successful as possible.

In the eBook I talk about the following topics:

  • How to leverage your TSP (Basically your 401k in the military)

  • How to build a good emergency fund

  • How to pay off debt quickly and smart

  • How to invest in yourself in your future the right way

  • 3 other important topics for building your wealth while in the military

This book can help you leverage the first 4-6 years of your military service to build up a good net worth where you can start to live comfortably and not stress about money as much as everyone else. Best of luck on your future endeavors and I wish you the best financial success in your future.