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Pararescue (PJ) - 1T2X1 - Air Force Careers (Special Operations)

Job Description: As a Pararescue specialist, you will be saving airmen in hostile or unreachable areas. Special Ops Air Force Pararescuemen rescue and medically treat downed military personnel all over the world. In this job you will be trained as parachutists, scuba divers and rock climbers, and even arctic-trained to access any environment to save a life when called to do so…

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Cross Training to Special Operations in the Air Force

The Air Force released a memorandum in 2016 that makes it easier to cross train from a regular job in the Air Force into a special operations career field. This isn't a new policy now that it's a year old but many still don't know about this policy so I'm making this post to inform those who are interested. 

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