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Logistics Plans - 2G0X1 - Air Force Careers

Job Description: Logistics Plans specialists ensure that equipment and personnel arrive at the designated location at the designated time. Logistics Planners consider all possible aspects, phases and contingencies while working in conjunction with other organizations to make sure every mission is safe, successful and goes according to plan. Overall, the career field is crucial to the mission and to the United States Air Force….

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Air Force Contract Length - 4 year vs 6 year contract

Are you looking into joining the Air Force but not sure how long of a contract you want to serve? As most of you may know, there are 2 options when joining active duty. 4 year contracts or 6 year contracts. Thankfully I put together this blog post to help ease your mind about the decision and making it easier for you to decide what contract to do for yourself in the United States Air Force. 

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