Can you go to school while active duty?

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Can you go to school while active duty?

Degrees and military needs, can they possibly coexist? The answer to your question is YES! With the needs of the military it may cause shift changes depending on your job, longer hours, or even time away from home station; but completing education while active duty is absolutely achievable. Depending on the job it could be more difficult in some fields than others, but when going to school in person or online there are many opportunities to aid in your success. Although going to school in person seems like the most ideal situation for most, going to school online may be an even better option for others! Personally, I have been an online student for approximately 2 years even through a deployment, and it was more manageable than I thought it would be. One thing that is important to remember while on this journey is that we all have our own paths. Some may finish earlier than others, but what’s important is to stay consistent and diligent to gaining your education. In other words, DO WHAT FITS YOUR NEEDS!

DOD Tuition Assistance (TA) Program

How is my education paid for?

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So, going to school would be great and the information is beneficial, but the most important question is how will it be paid for? Luckily the Air Force has that part already covered! While active duty, military can receive Tuition Assistance (TA) and the GI Bill during or after enlistment (it is recommended that you don’t use your GI bill during service unless you are pursuing your master degree or higher). It’s understandable that this is a lot of information to process at once so I’ll break down the funding that can be used to gain education.

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First, there is TA that can be used while active duty. With TA utilization you will receive $4500 per fiscal year for TUITION ONLY. Secondly, there is the GI Bill that can be utilized upon separation or during enlistment to attend school. When speaking of tuition not very many people are aware of FASFA. Filling out your FASFA can give you other forms of financial aid also not offered by the Air Force, but the federal government.

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Lastly, I would like to inform the readers that college is NOT the only way to get a degree while in the Air Force. The Air Force also offers the opportunity to obtain a “CCAF” (Community College of the Air Force). This would be classified as an associate’s degree in whatever your job is in the Air Force. In reading this blog, I am sure that it can be a little overwhelming with the amount of information given about education. If you would like additional guidance in utilizing the benefits available to you be sure to visit your local education office on base. If education is a priority to you, be sure to keep it a priority because there are ways to make it work for YOU!

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Article written by Nyka Martin

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