Materiel Management - 2S0X1 - Air Force Careers (Female)

(2S0X1) Air Force Materiel Management (Female)



  • High school diploma, GED with 15 college credits, or GED


  • Administrative; General


  • Knowledge of basic mathematics

  • Completion of 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training

  • Must be between the ages of 17 and 39


Technical Training: 33 days

Technical School Location: Lackland AFB TX

Status Upon Completion of Technical School: CCAF Degree with credits earned towards Logistics.


Job Description: There are eight main sections to this job. Here is each one broken down.

Equipment Accountability Element (EAE)

This section is a desk job and its primary function is to maintain accountability of all equipment assets on base and it’s Geographically Separated Units. A few examples of equipment assets are things like generators, aircraft stands and floodlights. The  Equipment section also maintains accountability of weapons, War Reserve Material and Communication Security devices.

Decentralized Materiel Support (DMS)

The second section is Decentralized Materiel Support. In this section you are on the frontline working hand in hand with maintenance. You are their primary point of contact when a part needs to be ordered or turned in along with pulling parts (depending on the DMS and if they have an independent warehouse).

Flight Service Center (FSC)

Flight Service Center is a very busy section. They control all DIFM (Due in from Maintenance) assets. These are parts that are issued to maintenance personnel but supply needs the bad part in its place. A revolving door, a one for one swap. When maintenance gives the bad part back to supply, it ends up here, at FSC. When FSC gets the part they will process the part to be repaired or shipped off to be properly disposed of. There is quite a bit more to Flight Service Center but, this is their main program. This is a routine 0730 to 1630 job, for the most part. 

Mobility Readiness Spare Packages (MRSP)

Mobility Readiness Spare Packages are mini, transportable warehouses that travel with an aircraft. They are full of parts that break most often on a jet.  When you work in this section your main duty is maintaining accountability of all the assets in your assigned kit and issuing parts when needed. While you are in this section, you may get the chance to go on some pretty awesome TDY’s while traveling with the kit. This will depend on the base you are stationed at and what aircraft the kit is supporting. The hours for this shop can vary. Similarly to working in a DMS, you work when maintenance does.

Customer Service 

This section is a desk job that oversees the listings and high priority orders for the entire base. Customer Service also provides support to the Materiel Managers on base. When you work in this section, you have access to different transactions that are only specific to this section. “Admin Rights” you could call them. 

Aircraft Part Store (APS)

The Aircraft Part Store, as suggested in the name, is the primary storage area for all aircraft parts. When maintenance orders a part, this is where the part will need to be picked up. Once a supply troop gets the order, they will go into the warehouse, pull the part and wait for maintenance to come pick up the part and sign for it. 


Warehouses and assets owned by the Air Force must be inventoried a set number of times per regulation. This sections job is to go out and physically conduct the inventories to ensure proper accountability of assets.


Let’s say that an inventory is being conducted but instead of four assets on the shelf, there are only three (the horror!!). Inspection will come out and try to determine what happened to the asset. This can be routed up the chain of command if the dollar value is substantial enough or, can simply be adjusted. 

Individual Protective Equipment (IPE)

This section is responsible for issuing out training bags, deployment gear and maintains physical accountability of weapons. This is a warehouse setting that involves inventories and making sure that all of the training bags and deployment gear is ready to go.