Navy vs Air Force Q&A (JTsuits & Kyle Gott)

United States Navy vs United States Air Force Q&A

JTsuits and Kyle Gott Military Q&A

JTsuits and I sat down to talk about the differences of the United States Navy and the United States Air Force. We discussed several topics such as being stationed overseas, what the living conditions are like, travel, etc.

Kyle Gott and JTsuits

JTsuits, A.K.A. Justin Thomas Meiners, was born April 17, 1991 in Long Beach, CA. He attended Notre Dame High School in Riverside CA from 2006-2010, where he excelled in sports and academics. After High School, he attended college for one semester and decided it was not what he wanted to do right then and there... so he decided to join the US Navy! Little did he know, this was the single biggest decision he had made in his whole life.. and in a very GOOD way.

He served in the US Navy from 2010-2015 as an LSE (Landing Signalman Enlisted). During his tenure in the US Navy, he served 20 months out at sea, 13 months in Japan, and the rest of his years in San Diego, CA. Justin gained attention from the senior officers due to his solid work ethic, and quickly worked his way up the rankings to an E5 Petty officer in ONLY three years. He was honorably discharged shortly after that in 2015, which is when he decided to use his Navy Gi Bill to attend CLU (Cal Lutheran University) in Southern California.

After receiving his Bachelors Degree in Business and Finance in 2017, he got married and started a family with his wife Jessica Meiners. They had a baby boy named, Weston James Meiners, in January 2018 and are now happily living in Southern California.

Before Justin joined the US Navy, and throughout his military journey, he felt like there was a severe lack of information and first-hand perspective regarding what ACTUALLY goes on in the US Navy. After all, giving 4-5 years of your life to an institution such as the Navy is no small choice. Because of this lack of information, he decided to start a Youtube channel by the name of "JTsuits" in 2012, where he would dedicate his time to informing incoming sailors on all aspects of the Navy. This small idea back in 2012, has now become the largest online US Navy community in the world!

After being voted unanimously, the #1 Military Youtuber on the whole Youtube platform in 2018, he decided to expand his reach. Which brings us to, an online portal for anyone interested in the US Navy. At you have the ability to connect with other future sailors around the world, and receive advice from each other. also offers products that every US Sailor is going to need along their journey, and tips on how to use those products and why their important.