Types of Kids at BMT 2

Types of Kids at Air Force Basic Training 2

Air Force comedy satire video

My wife, a buddy, and I shot this video depicting what some of the people you will run into at BMT will be like. Even though this is extremely exaggerated for comedy, you will be able to recognize several of these stereotypes during Air force Basic Military Training. We came up with all of these stereotypes based off of people we experienced while in basic training. Basic Training in the Air Force might seem like it’s going to be scary and intense, but honestly it’s a lot of fun when you look back on it. It’s actually the most fun I never want to have ever again! There is a time and a place for everything. You can have fun at BMT but you also need to be serious. Learn how to balance those two and you’ll have an amazing time at BMT.

Did you have any funny stereotypes that you remember from BMT? leave a comment!