Air Force tattoo policy

NEW Air Force Tattoo Policy

January 10, 2017, the Air Force announced changes to the tattoo policy in AFI 36-2903 Dress and Appearance.

This is a huge change to the Air Force tattoo policy that many have
been waiting for including myself. As many of you know I have a half
sleeve tattoo on my right arm and plan on getting a full sleeve in the
future. With this change I no longer have to wear long sleeves at all
times once I get my full sleeve tattoo. During the summer those with
full sleeve tattoos will be allowed to continue wearing short sleeve
sand tees.

These changes result from a review of Air Force accessions policies
directed by Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James in 2016

“As part of our effort to attract and retain as many qualified Airmen
as possible we periodically review our accessions policies,” she said.
“In this instance, we identified specific changes we can make to allow
more members of our nation to serve without compromising quality. As a
next step in this evolution, we are opening the aperture on certain
medical accession criteria and tattoos while taking into account our
needs for worldwide deployability and our commitment to the profession
of arms."

NEW Air Force TATTOO POLICY 2017!! SMASH the thumbs up button for tattoos!!! The Air Force just recently changed the Air Force tattoo policy and it becomes effective February 1, 2017! This now allows people to have a full sleeves and not worry about being in regulations!

Tattoos, brands or body markings on the head, neck, face, tongue,
lips and/or scalp remain prohibited. Hand tattoos will be limited to
one single-band ring tattoo, on one finger, on one hand. The hand
tattoo change ensures the ability to present a more formal military
image when required at certain events and/or with dress uniforms.
Current Airmen with existing hand tattoos that were authorized under
the previous policy will be grandfathered in under the old policy

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