Kyle Gott BMT fitness plan

Hey Everyone,

I am very excited to announce the launch of the Kyle Gott BMT Fitness Plan. For years, hundreds if not thousands of subscribers have sent me messages asking me 'How do I get in shape for BMT?' or 'What's the best way to lose weight?'. I have created a BMT fitness plan to help you get in shape and crush it at BMT!

In this plan I provide a hyper-focused plan on improving your PT Test scores, that will improve your overall physically readiness at the same time. The plan will give you a regimen to follow for each day of the week for 4 weeks. If you follow the plan, and maintain a healthy diet, you will see improvements in your PT scores for Air Force BMT. This plan is designed for beginners to advanced fitness go-ers. Once you master the distances provided in the plan (for running) you can then shift focus on improving your run-times. In addition to running, there are push-up & sit-up improvement workouts. Like I said, the plan focuses on improving your entire PT Test scores.

I believe that any prep plan that only focuses on fitness is just simply incomplete. BMT is SO MUCH MORE than physically challenging; it's also mentally challenging. In the plan, I provide a ton of insight and tips for those heading to BMT to better transition and be more prepared to conquer BMT both mentally and physically. 

Get the BMT Fitness Plan today so you can start working towards beating those BMT standards. Be sure to share this with your friends preparing for BMT and good luck!

-Kyle Gott