Complete BMT Packing List + Tip & Tricks

Click the Image above to view

Click the Image above to view

What's up, everyone! Are you ready for the best BMT packing list on YouTube?! This is an updated version of my packing list video I made over 3 years ago! Crazy to think I went to BMT over 3 years ago! I've been making these videos for a long time! Share this with anyone you think it might help become better prepared for BMT.

So this packing list is my opinion of the best way to pack for BMT and everything you should need. This has BMT tricks and tips for packing and even a trick for getting ready in the morning while at BMT. 

Head over to my packing list page on my website for the complete list of items to bring, and not to bring, along with links to where you can purchase the ideal item, at a good price.


I hope you guys appreciate this Air Force BMT packing list and I hope you all have a wonderful journey with the USAF! be sure to subscribe for more!


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